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BSB 06/12/1986 Friday

BSB 06/12/1986 Friday Me, Renata, Alexandra, Juliana e Armando went to Velha Elite yesterday. Everyone got drunk, except me… Ginho and Ro showed up too, and later me, Alexandra, Ro, Ginho, Leo, Arnaldo went for a spliff to some guy’s house. When I got back home my mother was really…

BSB 31/12/86 Wednesday

BSB 31/12/86 Wednesday New year, new life, tomorrow, same thing every year. I’m a pig in the Chinese Horoscope and I’m feeling optimistic. I feel a bit down, as I have my period and a fever, but that’s ok. I’m spending NYE in Copacabana, with my mum, Carmen and people…

RJ 28/12/86 Sunday

RJ 28/12/86 Sunday We got back from Friburgo today. I’ve never spent so much time indoors! It just rained and rained and rained. All the time. Not only in Friburgo but also here in Rio and in most of Brasil. For a week, non-stop. I miss the sun, and I’m…


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