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Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Recipes

14 Feb 2016

I got an Instant Pot at the start of January and there are countless recipes out there. I’m going to list them here as I try them.

I joined Instant Pot UK Community (Facebook) and it has been invaluable for tips, advice and recipes too (I think only members can view content, so this is here for my reference). Here’s a wealth of resources, from how to get started to links to many recipes.

A lot of recipes can be adapted for pressure cooking – and then cooked in half the time. So, pasta & rice: cook for half the time that’s given in the packet for hob cooking. Warning: any kind of creamy ingredients such as creme freche, coconut cream, double cream should not be pressured cooked, but added once the cooking is done.

When finishing sauteing, always deglaze the bottom of the pan, even if it’s with a little water (wine and stock would be other things to deglaze with), to release the flavours and avoid sticking to bottom of the pan.

Always use hot water, as the pressure builds up more quickly this way. The colder the ingredients the longer it takes for pressure to build up and therefore the longer overall cooking time. Once full pressure is reached the cooking times tend to be about half time of hob cooking methods.

IP – Instant Pot
QR – Quick Release (turn the valve to venting, pressure releases fast)
NPR – Natural Pressure Release (once the cooking is done, just the the pressure cooker to release the pressure on its own without turning the valve, usually takes about 10 minutes).

* Red Lentil Chilli
* Lamb Biryani
* Beef Stew
* Beef Chow Mein
* Chicken & Pancetta Risotto
* Butternut Squash & Goat’s Cheese Risotto
* Butter Chicken
* Thai Chicken Thighs (peanut sauce)
* Chicken Satay
* Chilli con carne


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