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Guriri 9/1/1986 Thursday – Holiday Romance

Guriri 9/1/1986 Thursday – Holiday Romance

Guriri 9/1/1986 Thursday – Holiday Romance

We went to the beach in the morning, me and Cinara until lunchtime. One of the guys we met last night, Mario, walked past us. We covered our faces and he said “Are you hiding from the sun, Lara?” He thought Cinara’s name was Lara. Once again I said my name is Tania.

A really good looking guy sat near us and Cinara and I flirted with him. He was in the disco last night too, on his own. We went back to the beach in the afternoon.

It’s Friday already but I will tell you what happened on Thursday night. We were out – we had matched Martha with Toninho already and we were just standing on the road, when the guy who was on his own at the beach and his friends walked by. The guy at the beach looked at me, I looked at him and we looked at each other as they walked away. So him and his friends came back and introduced themselves to us.

The guy from the beach is called Luis, his nickname is Beu, the other one is Lennon, and I forgot the other guy’s name. I couldn’t keep my eyes of Luis, so I just tried to be discreet about it. I said my name is Tania and that I’m leaving tomorrow. Then Luis said ‘I’m so unlucky! I met princess Tania tonight and she’s leaving tomorrow’. Then I saw Martha walking far away, on her way home. I told Cinara and the guys to wait and ran to Martha, Toninho had barely spoken to her and she was left all alone, so she was upset and went home. I got back to Cinara and we arranged to meet them later at the disco.

We went after Martha and managed to convince her to come back, we did and sat on a car. Suddenly there was a power cut, everyone started screaming. And all I could think was that I wasn’t going to be able to see Luis again.. Thankfully the lights came back on and we were about to go up when Junior drove by, and was talking to Cinara, not sure what about, then Fabio drove past in another car with three girls, talked to Junior and left. Junior left too and finally we made it up to the disco.

Luis was standing against the wall with a view to the sea and I went to say hi. We danced, then we talked, but it was a bit awkward. Cinara called me to go down and I asked Luis to wait. Fabio was there (it’s not free for men) and I left them talking and ran back up, when I got there Luis said ‘See, I did wait for you’ I smiled at him and we danced, three songs, every now and then we give each other a good stare and he’d touch my face. When Radio Pirata from RPM played (the least romantic song ever) he got closer and closer to me, hugged me then kissed me, in the middle of the dance floor. It was a dancing kiss…

We went downstairs to talk for a bit, as the music was too loud upstairs. Then Cinara said Martha had gone for a swim and I got worried, so Luis and I were going to go looking for her and she appeared, she said Cinara exaggerated, she just got her feet wet. We sat down and Cinara comes back saying Fabio is only 12 years old! I could have sworn he was 16. How we laughed. Cinara was going out with a 12 year old!!!! Luis and I went for a walk alone, and he said he was going to give me his address and that I’m the first girl this holiday he’s given his address to. We went to the bar to get a pen and paper. I gave him a false name Tania Martins Santos (which is Henrique’s name, Henrique Martins Santos), but I gave him the right address. We went for a spin, he introduced me to his brother, Renato, who’s married and has a kid, which yesterday at the beach I thought was Luis’, as he’s blond like him. We were talking when I see Aldemir looking for us. It was past midnight, Luis’s watch stopped working at 11:45. So we sat in front of the house talking, he said he’d come to the bus station tomorrow to say goodbye (as if…)

Then my mum comes out of the house, not to have a go at me, but to ask for the music to be turned down at the disco! She also told me to go to bed, so I said goodbye. Why did I only meet him on the last day? He’s 18 and works for Petrobras. He’s gorgeous. The first time I saw him I thought I’d give anything to get with a guy like him. He made me feel so good. He said I’m cool, different. He says I don’t ask stupid questions like other girls. He said he liked my shy demeanour (me shy?), and I seemed calm. People complain I can be shy and quiet when they meet me, well, for the first time ever this has been a good thing! GOOD NIGHT! My hand hurts from all the writing.

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