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Monday, 30th of August 2011 – More on kittens…

Monday, 30th of August 2011 – More on kittens…

Monday, 30th of August 2011

More on kittens…

Rusty tried to move the kittens from the living room to under our bed quite a few times towards the end of last week. After some pondering, I decided to move her to your wardrobe, she’s been more settled since.  Too much traffic in living room and Aphex kept coming in for a sniff and a hiss every so often.  In your bedroom we have been keeping the door shut.  If we leave it open she may try and move them again as that’s actually normal for cats to do, to keep predators off any scent.

The problem we have been dealing with now is Rusty’s leaky bum.  She has always done very smelly farts, and once she had kittens we had been giving her all the food she wanted (as advised by the vet).  Except the vet said ‘dry kitten food’ – and I thought wet kitten food was less likely to make her constipated.  Well, I suppose I was right and basically she has been leaking liquid poo everywhere in the house.  NIGHTMARE!  So as of yesterday, she’s only having two pouches of soft food and then it’s dry food.  Hopefully this will sort it.  I also put thinly chopped carrots with the soft food, make it a bit healthier.  I’m thinking she may have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), she also farts a lot and they are the smelliest things ever – she’s always done this.

Kittens have started to open their eyes on Saturday and are still in the process of doing that, they are also starting to stand and wobble about, trying to walk, as opposed to dragging themselves around like seals!

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