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Early Maths GCSE Result

Early Maths GCSE Result

August 22nd 2014 – Early Maths GCSE Result

Upon arriving back from the airport, C was sitting on the grass outside our house waiting for you.

We noticed an envelope and thought it was probably the early Maths GCSE result, so I handed it to you, you were in your bedroom with C. You didn’t want to open it in front of me and everything went quiet for a few minutes. I though maybe you got a bad grade and went up to ask.

But, no, you got a frakking (been watching Battlestar Galactica) A on your GCSE Maths, one year early! WOW! So next year you will take Stats and Further Maths. Well done! You went out soon after to get your haircut, then party.

139/200 was your score…

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