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Beer, cassette and vinyl – Independent Label Market

Beer, cassette and vinyl – Independent Label Market

28/03/2015 – Independent Label Market – Spitafields

Since launching on Berwick St in May 2011, Independent Label Market has brought together the founders of over 180 of the World’s greatest independent record labels on both sides of the Atlantic to sell their fresh vinyl produce directly to the public at that traditional goods exchange – a market stall.

As the music industry embraces mp3s and a more digital strategy, Independent Label Market is proving to be a valuable reminder of how music retail can be a social affair; people hanging out together as a community and buying records.

My husband was keen to go to this, given his massive record collection and DJing history. It was a cold and windy Saturday afternoon, so I thought, why not? Good chance to take photos and go to a part of London I haven’t been to lately.

If you are a Northern liner (like me) you can get off at either Moorgate or Old Street and head to Old Spitafields Market. Believe it or not we needed GPS/map to get there, we really haven’t been East for a while! So we got a little lost, which gave me a chance to take the first photos on the set. It just felt like Camden Town, before it got gentrified to fuck. This is where all the hip(ster) people go to these days and I don’t blame them. I got two lovely dresses from london label for £20!

We found the old Spitafields market eventually. I actually kinda knew where it was, as I had been around those parts to Corbet Bar recently, but my husband didn’t think the market I was talking about was the one we were looking for. Anyway, the best way to get to know a place is to get lost in it!

Independent Label Market panorama

Beer and vinyl. Neither are my favourite things. But I don’t loathe them either. And it makes my husband happy. All good then. We had fun sampling different ales and while my husband looked at records I collected free stickers/badges and took photos. We listened to a bit music, went by the speakers whenever we wanted to have a break and danced half-heartedly, no one else was dancing…

While walking around we got chatting to Sri McKinnon, as this shirt caught my eye

It had sold out, but I ordered it online when I got home. I also got myself the cassette earrings.

At around 18:00 we had some food and then went home. I had reached my drinking limit, any more and things would have gotten ugly the next day.

The Friendly People

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