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BSB 13/09/1985 Friday

BSB 13/09/1985 Friday

I didn’t write out of laziness. The bankers and private school strikes continue. Today we only had the first three periods. Before the first period Daniele came to talk to me, as she missed two school days. She was mad at me because I told Henrique about our conversation at the bus stop and he called her, said he never wanted to talk to her again. I was furious with him and when he walked past me being all friendly I just walked past him and ignored him. He looked pretty stunned and I carried on walking, but felt sorry for him, but also happy to have taught him a lesson.

The PE teacher didn’t go so we didn’t have class. During the break the Portuguese teacher told me Henrique is in love with me. Then him and Riba came to talk to us. I gave Henrique the look of death and left, when Patricia got in the class she said Henrique likes me. I was so happy and the maths class was great, everyone was in a great mood, even the miserable teacher was in good spirits.

During the break the teacher called Lara and we decided to throw her a surprise party. Henrique and I made up, but I was still a little off with him. We went to the classroom to sing happy birthday to Lara and eat. Then me, Henrique, Riba, Fabi and Pat Lima sat on a bench until it was time to leave. Henrique was flirting with Fabiane, I realised he doesn’t really like me, I’m going to forget this boy!

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