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BSB 16/09/1985 Monday

BSB 16/09/1985 Monday

We didn’t have lessons today, the first two periods and had debates instead. Weds is the day of education, and there will be debates then. Not even PE, the teacher didn’t go. Daniele spoke to me as usual. Lara and I had a class rep meeting, and class reps for 8C were there too (i.e. Alexandre!).

My group made a sign that just says ‘Education is the pillar of the nation’ (A educacao e a base da Uniao) and the teacher loved it. We also had ‘Quem nao participa nao reivindica’, also my idea. Then I said the other one as a joke and everyone liked it.

No sign of Henrique or Riba during the break. Then we all watched a movie about education in Japan, seems so good there, everyone has opportunity. The day Brasil gets to that I’ll be dead and reincarnated. I saw Henrique there but he had an arse face on him, and all I said to him was hi! PAE teacher didn’t go, but we had class with the dance teacher instead.

After school I went to buy bus passes together with Joana, no queue today and I was home by 12:30. The great looking guy who sells passes was there today and he served us.

In Dance: Ronaldi and Junior watched the class, then we talked until 19:30, me, Junior (who is so boring!), Ronaldi, Ana, Renata and Cristina. Ronaldi kept pestering me to look inside my rucksack where there were ‘intimate items’. Everyone was in a silly mood and we played a kissing on the cheek game which I can’t be bothered to explain.

Then it got serious, and you had to guess a verb and if you didn’t after 3 tries you had to do a dare, which was basically snogging someone. Cristina didn’t guess the verb and had to kiss Junior, then Ana, who lost and had to kiss Ronaldi. I guessed it right (I overheard them planning the verb, thankfully) and didn’t have to do kiss Ronaldi then Junior and then say who was the best kisser…

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