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BSB 29/09/1985 Sunday

BSB 29/09/1985 Sunday

Have you ever heard of going to the club at midday with bad weather? We did, me, Ana and Renata, got a lift with a woman and she dropped us off near the bridge. We only went to watch the football match, which started at 1. The only place where there were people was by the pitch, the rest of the club was deserted. It was cold this morning, then it got really warm and stuffy. Then the sky got dark and it rained at 6:15, I didn’t bother going to Summer. Juventus lost 3×2 to Seguranca, it was a bad tempered match. Support for Juventus is dropping but I will always support them because of my friend Piolho, he’s the goal keeper.

When he was leaving the pitch, after the game, he looked at us and said ‘oh, well, today we couldn’t do it’. I just felt like giving him a hug. Shame he’s totally out of my league, and an adult. Celio has been different, keeps staring at me. Renata said he’s asked her for my number twice now. Renata and Robinson aren’t talking to each other, as Robison called Debora on Tuesday and said horrible things about Renata…

I think Robinson loves Renata, in fact everyone knows he does. Deca wasn’t at the club. The game finished at two so me, Renata and Ana were sliding on the grass, messing about on the playground, being silly. Then we talked to Ceara and Celio kept staring at me from afar and that made me feel all wrong. We got a lift back with Ida’s parents at around 3:30.

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