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Thursday 10th February 2000

Thursday 10th February 2000

Thursday 10th February 2000

I went signing on today and nearly crashed…. It was raining a lot and I was driving along one of the side roads after I left the doll office. I had the right of way, but this woman just pulled out of the junction! I hit the brake and the car skidded for about 3 meters and I stopped right in front of this stupid woman’s car, with about 10 cm between us. If she had moved any further we would have crashed full on, so I guess we were lucky. I screamed at her: “what do you think you are doing?” Then I just saw her hand up in the air waving at me, saying she was sorry… I shook my head and carried on driving.

After that I went to Argos (you were at home with Ray) and bought a baby monitor. Lately we’ve been watching videos while you’re asleep at night and would only hear you if you were screaming really loud (i.e. you would have woken up and been crying for a good 10 minutes and be really upset – so upset and crying so hard that you hair would be all wet from the exertion). I decided to buy one for you. It was so sweet listening to you sleep, the little moans and rustling about. You woke up and were babbling away – stuff that I didn’t hear before from down here.

You’ve been eating really well this past week: rice, tuna fish, broccoli, mashed potato. Until today, when you refused your lunch. According to Ray you had been screaming all morning, moaning and whining, driving him nuts. You didn’t stop until you slept. Now you are awake and in a great mood. What a relief! You are very hard work sometimes, no matter what we do.

Your latest ‘fad’ is throwing everything downstairs, over the gate or through the gaps on the staircase. So when anybody walks in the door there are lots of toys, socks, shoes, whatever you lay your hands on, spread all over the hallway. Whenever I go to kitchen I came back up carrying a full load of toys and whatever else you’ve chucked downstairs.

Evelyne’s baby was due on the 4th, but so far there’s no sign of it. It just doesn’t want to come out, the opposite of you, who was very eager to pop yourself out into to the world. She’s going to have to wait for another week or so and then might have to be induced or have a c-section. Her mum and sister are staying over to help her out, but her sister is supposed to be leaving at the end of the week, and if she does she might miss out on the new addition all together. I can wait to have another baby in the house!

Last week Jason popped in with his daughter, Daisy. She is 3 months younger than you. You were all over Daisy, following her everywhere, giving her your books, trying to hug her. But she would not have any of it, she didn’t want to know you! I felt so sorry for you, being so sweet while she didn’t want to know. I hope you won’t let girls treat you like that when you’re older! You are such a friendly baby it’s amazing. You are not shy, and make friends with everybody straight away (except for Evelyne’s mum, whom you seem to be afraid of!). If you carry on like that you’ll be the most popular person everywhere you go, and you’ll know everybody. A bit like your father.

Oh, yes, I have to write down some movies that I would like you to watch when you’re older: Angela’s Ashes, The Mummy and that’s all I can think of for now.

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