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BSB 07/10/1985 Monday

BSB 07/10/1985 Monday

Today the PEA teacher gave me two LPs. He couldn’t find Tears for Fears, so I got Alphaville and Madonna.

Friendship… and love.

Starts like this: one wants to help the other, always be together, giving advice… The help given yields results and friendship blossoms. Always together. People call them siblings! Things work out for both of them. But suddenly they feel uneasy without each other, without a call. It feels weird when they talk about other people A bit like jealousy. It is jealousy!

Why does it hurt me so? Just a look at someone else hurts. I have to stop myself from kissing him when I’m near him. It’s a struggle. A part of me says ‘Just do it!’. But my conscious part holds me back. I pretend to trip and fall on him just so I can touch him. He calls me sister, I call him brother. I’d like to call him ‘my love’.

Like it? A little reflection from a writer in love.

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