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BSB 08/10/1985 Tuesday

BSB 08/10/1985 Tuesday

On the 1st period there was a meeting about the trip to Paraguai. 12 people from Caseb are going and 15 from Gisno. We are going away next Sunday. Didn’t pay any attention to Science. The only subject I got an A in was History.

Drama during the break, Daniele wanted to know who spread rumours about her having sex with I don’t know who. Karina said it was Claudia, who said it was Pat Figueredo, who knew nothing about it. Ridiculous. Let Daniele be whatever she wants to be… I wanted nothing to do with, except at one point when I thought I might be involved, but no rumours came from me, so I left them to it. Henrique and I just watched the arguments from a distance. I met Henrique on the way to English and we walked back together after class, for a change…

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