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BSB 07/11/1985 Thursday

BSB 07/11/1985 Thursday

On Saturday there will be an election for heads of all the schools. Our school has only one candidate, Miriam, but this makes it harder as she will have to get 70% of the votes to win. Similarly at CIL, only one candidate. We don’t vote though, just our parents. It rained so much today! I met Renata and Claudio on the bus back, they recorded our conversation on the bus.

We have been rehearsing for the play more and I’m starting to like it, it’s starting to get more serious.

Had English test during the last 10 minutes of class. Henrique and I had a small argument on the way back. I said I didn’t want the year to end, as school has been really good lately, he asked why as he hadn’t noticed anything new. I said I noticed there was an amazing person in there. Then he started saying everyone’s names but Marcelo’s, and I’m always talking about Marcelo to him! He started blackmailing me, saying he tells me everything and that I never tell him anything. I called him a blackmailer and didn’t tell him anything. 1) Because he’s the one I actually like 2) If I tried to get him off the scent and said I liked Marcelo, he would go and tell him, no? Weird, he thinks I liked Marcelo but didn’t even mention his name. Worst of all the year is ended, and nothing is happening between us!

Sometimes I really do think he likes me, other times I feel just like one of his 100s of friends. When we were closer I was almost sure he liked me, everyone kept saying so, but lately…

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