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BSB 17/11/1985 Sunday

BSB 17/11/1985 Sunday

Woke up at 8:30, very tired, called Vivi and we woke Alexandra and Renata up and went to the club. It was the football final at Assefe. Juventus vs Remo. The first time ended 0x0 and during the break one of Remo’s players got into an argument with Juventus’ supporters (us in the middle, just laughing). In the 2nd half Juvents scored and won the match 1×0, but Remo had the advantage, so it went into extra time. Then Juventus lost 3.×0. Piolho looked amazing! Suddenly people were running everywhere, there was a fight between the supporters. A bunch of old people fighting each other. Cool!

Caca was there and when Vivi and I went to the bar he touched my hair and chatted Vivi up. He’s a pervert, but so good looking!

We got a lift back but it took half an hour to hitch a ride, and the sun was really hot. I’m really tired.

Apparently the mayoral elections in Goiania have been annulled due to fraud by PMDB.

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