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BSB 1/12/1985 Sunday

BSB 1/12/1985 Sunday

In the morning we went to Assefe: Renata, Vivi and I. Vivi left soon because Pedro got in but was asked to leave, Vivi went with him. We played volleyball all morning. Later, at around 1 we sat by the pool with Deca, Piolho, and Fernando. I sat in front of Piolho, he’s so gorgeous, he kills me!

He kept messing around with me, singing ‘Lele, meu amor Lele’ (well, everyone sings that song to me, to take the piss). Got home at 14:30 and Henrique didn’t call me. I went out again at 16:30, and me, Renata, Carlinhos and someone called Enio went to block H, for the 3 of them to smoke. When I got home I called Henrique, but there was no answer. Ana Amelia went to Paraguai yesterday.

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