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BSB 4/12/1985 Wednesday

BSB 4/12/1985 Wednesday

I called Henrique at 2, asked if she’s going to study at CIL next year, he said he thinks he is and I arranged to call him on Friday, so we can enrol together. Tati, Lara and I went to Fabiane’s. We made popcorn, juice, he laughed and concluded there’s only the four of us left from our gang. It seems impossible that we will all stay together. Impossible. I want to keep on studying with everyone from our class but I don’t think it will happen that way.

Today is Cristina’s birthday, 18 years old. There was a small gathering at her flat. Fred and Harold, who are in the band Plug were there. They are not famous in Brasilia, but their songs are great. We left at midnight.

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