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BSB 5/12/1985 Thursday

BSB 5/12/1985 Thursday

Was with Alexandra in the morning, at lunchtime I went with her to SAB for her to do some food shopping for her mum. Got home and had to leave in a hurry to meet Fabiane on the bus, didn’t have time to eat. We got the 106, she hopped on it at 315 and we went to 307N. The bus was packed. Naldo and Alessandra, Marcia, and even Marcelinho, got on the bus! I’m mad at Marcelinho, he’s ridiculous. When he got on the bus I looked the other way and sulked all the way until we got off. We met Lara, went to Conjunto Nacional and met Lara’s mum at the bus station. Lara took photos, Fabiane and I went to see the cute guy who sells bus passes.

We went to CNB, Lara and her mum went to do their thing, she left and we went for a spin. We had some ice cream then went to C&A, a fat guy started following us and we ran away. We met Scalia, Karina and Raquel, Andrea, Suzana, Ruivinha and Celso Ribas, he’s doing work experience at C&A.

Fabi met her father there, and he gave her some money and we had more ice cream. So the fat guy who was following us, we ran away from him, but then we started following him, just for fun. We left at 6.

I’m sending Christmas cards to my friends so I called Henrique to ask for Riba’s address, he called him, then called me back to give me it, we were both in good spirits and had a fun conversation, he put the phone down on me (for revenge), I was fuming, I called him back and said ‘Don’t ever speak to me again!’ and bum, put the phone down on him, then I went down, because people were waiting for me. Me, Cristina, Alexandra, Renata, Pedro and Vivi went to Pergola. Ana Amelia got back from Paraguai yesterday.

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