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BSB 9/12/1985 Monday

BSB 9/12/1985 Monday

The dollar is at 9650 in the official market and it jumped to 14000 in the black market! Stayed at home all morning, suffering with the heat, so suffocating! Went out in the afternoon; Ana Amelia has a cold and she’s being a pain.

Went out in the evening with Renata and Alexandra, for them to smoke in secret at the H block. They have been smoking for 4 months, so sad! I play with it sometimes but I don’t inhale. Alexandra said she smokes about 10 a day, Renata about the same. At around 8 we went to Renata’s flat, talked for a bit and then I went home at 9.

I never talked about Henrique again. He’s not called me since Thursday and I haven’t called him. I don’t think either of us will give in. I managed to convince my mum to study at Sigma. Will have to work hard as Caseb was very easy going and Sigma is one of the hardest schools in Brasilia.

Viviene is in deep shit, as she failed 5 subjects and it looks like she will have to repeat the whole year again. For the second time. Can you imagine, she will be 16 and only finishing the 6th grade? The worse thing is that she studies all day (her mum forces her to), she’s always at home studying. Nica, her sister, who’s a tomboy; always out in the streets, she’s in the 8th grade age 14. They were both in the same class last year.

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