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BSB 10/12/1985 Tuesday

BSB 10/12/1985 Tuesday

In the morning Tatiana, Patricia, Fabiane and I went to a club called CUPOM. We stayed there until 12:45. At around 13:30 I went to CIL, met Lara at the bus stop, we went to the post office first then CIL. I picked up my results, Lara was there to enrol. I enroled Andrea as she had to leave at 15:30. We queued in the biggest queue ever from 14:15 to 16:30 to get the results, then another half hour to enrol. I jumped the queue, everyone else was doing it too. I will be in the same class as Lara, Andrea, Gleice and Tatiana. Henrique went to Paracatu (Lara called his house) but he comes back on Monday. At least he’s coming back before the end of the holidays.

Went out in the evening. Renata, Alexandra and I went to the H block, them smoking. The caretaker told us off for sitting there and they will have to find another place in which to smoke their illicit cigarettes.

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