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BSB 12/12/1985 Thursday

BSB 12/12/1985 Thursday

Went to the club in the morning with Renata’s mum, and Alexandra. Luis was there. When we got back I decided to cut my hair and went to the hairdressers with Alexandra. After that me, Renata and Alexandra went to Ana’s to watch her brother and friends’ (Carlinhos, Enio and Rodrigo) band rehearse. They are awful.

The girls are smoking at the S block now, it’s their new spot. Andre (from 205) came to our quadra yesterday and today. Everyone was smoking except me. Suddenly Alexandra’s brother turns up, everyone freezes (he ran off saying he was going tell their mum), then we remembered her mum knows already, but doesn’t like that she smokes. Alexandra’s mum wasn’t very happy about it, but that’s as far as it went. Just a telling off.

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