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BSB 14/12/1985 Saturday

BSB 14/12/1985 Saturday

I miss Henrique!!!

Renata, Alexandra, me, and Andre (nosy) went to the club in the morning, we played volleyball until 12:30. I was talking to Ricardinho, Deca’s youngest brother. Piolho, who is 19, is the oldest. He treats me like a little sister, but won’t go near Alexandra, because his girlfriend won’t let him, she’s very jealous of her. Piolho borrowed my sunglasses for a bit, I will never clean them again. China is so so cute, shame he’s so young…

We got a lift back at around 2:30. The world cup is coming soon, and like any Brazilian, I’m fanatic about football and still believe the crappy Brazilian team can win. Today was the draw, we are top of our group (D) and we got lucky: Spain, Northern Ireland and Algeria.

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