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BSB 17/12/1985 Tuesday

BSB 17/12/1985 Tuesday

Johny called me yesterday and for a moment I thought he was Henrique, sometimes they sound alike, I was so happy for a brief while, until I realised who it was. It would have been too good to be true.

Early I went to Caseb with Ana Amelia, to get a certificate saying I’m passed the year, so I can enrol at Leornardo Da Vinci. Danilo was there, he lives at 207, so we walked back together.

As the song goes “O Sertao vai virar mar, la no coracao, to com medo que algum dia o mar tambem vire sertao”
That’s exactly what’s going on in Brazil. It hasn’t rained for 6 months in Santa Catarina, about 100 municipalities declared a state of emergency, other states in the South are also suffering from draught. In ’83 the South was drowning, now this. Maybe this is all because of Halley comet. And then the northeast is drowning!

I never spoke about the racial conflicts in South Africa before, and Apartheid. Well this is one of the most spoken about subjects, between the white supremacist government and the majority of the black population. Daily conflicts and protests, about 4 people dying every day on those, then during the burials more protests, the police comes and more people are killed. Yesterday 48 people died. I don’t even know what apartheid is, I will tell you once I figure it out.

Looks like my mum finally got a car, for 18 million. It’s white Passat, raybaw window (no idea how to spell that type of glass), magnesium wheels, according to my mum’s description. I have not seen it yet.

In the afternoon me, my mum and Ana Amelia went to enrol me at Leornardo. It cost 590 thousand, and then 600 thou per month.

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