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BSB 23/12/1985 Monday

BSB 23/12/1985 Monday

This Christmas will be a bit sad, as I’m not in Rio. I didn’t want to go there this year, but I’m missing everyone, especially my aunt Zeze, whom I adore more than anyone there. I love my cousin Maira too, but she’s Miss know it all, like my mum, so I identify more with my aunt… Except she’s older so she doesn’t always understand me (well, she doesn’t understand herself, how can she understand me?).

I’m sure my mum was just like Maira, when she was young, now she got old and is really annoying. But I admire my mum, because when she was young she fought for what she believed in, and did what she wanted to do. She didn’t get all she wanted but she’s not a frustrated housewife, although she is very neurotic. On the other hand, Zeze stopped studying, got married when she was 20 years old and only started to work when she was 36, so she’s a bit frustrated now. I’d like to be a bit like both of them.

In the afternoon Ana, me and my mum went to Conjunto Nacional to buy me shoes. It was like an ant’s nest, so busy, impossible to walk. I was looking at a shop window, when I saw George walk, I only realised it was him when he was far, I shouted his name, but he didn’t hear. It was so busy that you couldn’t see people from 3 meters away, just heads, especially for me, as I’m shortsighted.

For Christmas I’m only getting yellow Docksides. Two weeks ago they cost 199 thousand, today it cost 238 thousand. But that’s a common occurrence here…

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