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Guriri 8/1/1986 Wednesday

Guriri 8/1/1986 Wednesday

Guriri 8/1/1986 Wednesday

It rained a lot in the morning and then it was sunny, a wonderful day. Cinara, Martha, Luana, my mum and I went to the beach, the others went fishing. My mum left soon and we only got back at midday. The skin on my face is peeling. I ate a lot at lunch then went to the beach an hour or so later. There some guy was following us and then he started talking to us, Andre.

In the evening, just before we went out, I felt sick, they gave me a sip of coke and I felt like vomiting. Which I did, a lot. I felt fine straight after and we went out. Fabio walked past with two girls and ignored us. Cinara was not happy for the rest of the night. We went to the disco, had a drink then sat on the steps leading to the disco. Two guys, a bit old, stopped and asked if I was alone, I said I wasn’t, so they invited us to have a beer with them. We sat with them, I said my name is Tania, Cinara said she is Renata, and Martha just used her real name.

We went up to the disco and because there’s no way I’m getting off with some old guy, I was just flirting with other people. It started to empty out and they started playing slow songs. One of the guys asked me to dance but I said no, so the girls danced with them and some ugly guy called Flavio asked me to dance with him. He said he fancied me, that I’m cute and started to kiss my neck, and me pushing him away and him grabbing me. When the music stopped I managed to get away from him and asked the girls to leave.

So we were saying goodbye to the old people, and the youngest one, he looks about 26, kissed Cinara and then he tried to kiss me when I went to say bye, but I turned my face away and pushed his face out of the way and left. The girls had already gone downstairs.

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