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BSB 14/1/1986 Tuesday

BSB 14/1/1986 Tuesday

Today is Beu’s birthday, shame the card won’t get there on time. I wrote to Renata in Goiania and Cinara. He’s probably celebrating his birthday in style and dancing with someone. If only I was there, we’d be together…

It seems Renata and Alexandra are not going to Vila Velha, they are going to spend carnival in Lavras, that means my carnival will be shit, at least it won’t be in Assefe. There’s no one in this city. Only Lara and Karina are here, from school. And it rains constantly, meanwhile there’s no rain in the South of the country.

You know 1kg costs 135 thousand cruzeiros? That’s right, nowadays coffee is a luxury item, only for the rich. Luckily neither me nor my mum like coffee.

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