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BSB 17/1/1986 Friday

BSB 17/1/1986 Friday

BSB 17/1/1986 Friday

My mum became close friends with a man called Jorge. He’s Argentinian and I think he’s here illegally. He was tortured in Argentina, he was in some concentration camp for three years and had plastic surgery when he left so he wouldn’t be recognised. At first my mum (she’s so paranoid) thought he was a CIA spy, investigating PT. I thought that was a ridiculous idea, but, well. The Americans are capable of anything. She then got to know him and realised he was telling the truth and I think she has a crush on him. He stayed here a few times but I don’t think there’s anything going on between them.

He slept here last night and this morning, when my mum left for work I went out too, to pick up the photos from our trip. Jorge came too. He has 4 or 5 children, they live in Rosario, Argentina, with their grandmother, as his wife was tortured and killed. Now he wants to bring his children to Brazil. However, where they live there’s no homosexuality or drugs, they are very sheltered and alienated. And because here these things are, to a certain extent, normal, he’s very worried. Can you imagine a 16 year old not having a clue about anything? I think the solution is very simple, tell them about it, let them see it. But this guy is very worried. Come on, just let them come!

Finally, the sun came out all day during the morning. In the afternoon the weather was crazy, rain then sun, then rain, then sun… Vivi and I went to visit Cristina, she’s 5 months pregnant and put on 16kg!!! I saw Orlando with his friends, he called me over to say hi, I said no, you come over. Neither of us did and that was that. We had a bit of a turbulent relationship at the end of the year…

World Cup year. In 1982 when everyone thought Brazil was going to win, I supported them so much! And when Brazil lost, I cried. I swore I’d never support them again. I don’t believe these players anyway… But, I’m Brazilian, no? Telé Santana is the manager, as usual.

Finally, it has rained in Rio Grande do Sul, it hadn’t rained for 4 months. And now it’s raining a lot, it seems it will rain as much as it did in 82-83.

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