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BSB 18/1/1986 Saturday

BSB 18/1/1986 Saturday

BSB 18/1/1986 Saturday

In the morning Vivi, Cristina and I went to a club in the North Wing: ASCB. We got a lift there. A massive club, with 9 swimming pools! But only two were open, what’s the point!? Sometimes some pools work, other times others work. The biggest one, 30m, was closed. We needed two lifts to get there but only one on the way back. I think Cristina’s big belly is an asset when it comes to getting rides, people stop really quickly.

The sun was burning. Different from the sun at the beach, which you don’t feel, but burns badly. The sun here is hot and uncomfortable, but takes ages to tan. I miss the beach! We got back at lunchtime. We sat under Cristina’s block for a bit, Orlando was playing volleyball by his block. We got back home at 12:40.

We were with Cristina and a bunch of her friends in the afternoon. A really unfriendly guy, who owns a fusca, didn’t smile once and only opened his mouth to ask the guys not to sit on his car’s bonnet…

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