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BSB 22/1/1986 Wednesday

BSB 22/1/1986 Wednesday

The postal service is bad, a letter from a capital city to another is taking 10 days to arrive. So a letter to S Mateus probably takes 15 days, it means my card won’t get there until Thursday or Friday and if he replies I will have to wait another 15 days… This is happening all over Brasil, they are blaming the volume of letters.

My mum was right to be mistrustful of Jorge. He lied about his children and he’s not coming here. He’s a bit insane. No one knows if he really was a political prisoner or tortured. Maybe he went insane because of it, or maybe he’s just some crazy criminal. My mum, Lia and Ivan are investigating. She no longer speaks to him and ordered us not to let him in the flat. He actually cut off the phone lines at Ivan’s house (where he was staying). He then said he was leaving and was coming here! My mum was at work and called here, all worried, telling us not to open the door. But he never showed up.

Went to the cinema in the afternoon, at 2. Celia, Lara, Natacha, Karina and Raquel. We watched “Essa louca, louca gente”, it was funny at first then it was really dull.

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