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BSB 24/1/1986 Friday

BSB 24/1/1986 Friday

Cristina called me to go to the club, but I didn’t want to go, it wasn’t that sunny.

In the afternoon I went to an acunpunturist with my mum. She felf my pulse and said I was an anxious person, argue with my mum, that my intestines aren’t so good and my back isn’t straight. She made me promise I’d eat vegetables every day. Then she laid me down and put needles on my feet, my forehead, four on the ears. I was terrified, but it didn’t hurt. She stuck some needles on my mum too and we laid there for nearly an hour, I think I fell asleep. At one point I couldn’t feel anything from my neck down, unless I moved a bit. My mum didn’t feel anything like that, but it doesn’t matter. It was a new sensation.

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