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BSB 28/1/1986 Tuesday

BSB 28/1/1986 Tuesday

Ana and I went to Assefe in the morning. Carmen works for the Senate, so she’s a member, which means we can get in easily. Carmen took us there and back. I was pale again, and today I caught the sun, but at least my skin isn’t aching.

It’s been a week since little baby Pedro was stolen from St Lucia hospital and no sign of him. No clues either.

Something sad happened today. Challenger was going to take it’s 10th flight. Seven people were onboard, 5 men and 2 women. It took off and two minutes later, at 14000m it blew up. All the debris fell in the sea and everyone died. No one knows why, or they are not telling us.

Things are bad in the south of the country. The draught goes on, everyone is having to ration. Rio Gravatai, which brings water to parts of Porto Alegre is almost dry and also contaminated.

Spent the whole afternoon rooting for a letter from Beu to arrive. I don’t know if I should write another letter or just wait. I nearly called him today, but my mum would kill me when the bill arrived, because I’d stay on the phone with him for an hour.

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