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London 17/07/1990 Tuesday

London 17/07/1990 Tuesday

London 17/07/1990 Tuesday

London 17/07/1990 Tuesday

I was sent home early today from the restaurant as it was very quiet. There may not be any work for the next 2 weeks because of the Summer holidays. That’s good but also bad as I’m skint and I bought a lot of things last week, and an abada from Mestre Peixinho to pay for next Monday. I have some money in the bank but don’t want to touch that. I’m going to try to survive on £50 for the next 2 weeks. I might get work on Saturday and Monday, fingers crossed.

I slept at home last night and had some crazy dreams. In one of them my mum had come back to the living room, turned off the tv and she kept nagging me. She was sitting next to me (I was sleeping on the mattress in the living room) and I started slapping her. The dream was so real. When I woke up I was slapping the sofa next to me!

After that I started hearing some weird noises, very psychedelic, not sure how to describe them. I started to feel panicky and the noises got louder… I don’t remember how, but the noise stopped. I had a wave of crazy dreams in Rio too, but there I was conscious of my descent into madness, here it seems I’m going crazy without noticing.

This weekend was different. Patrick worked on Saturday and Sunday until 7:30 and I was with Denise, Karl, Wagner, Felipe and Sandra. I bumped into Cormac, who asked if I had seen Patrick as he wanted to borrow money. A while later he went into the Brazilian squat looking for Patrick again. That annoyed me. When Patrick arrived he said his brothers had borrowed money from someone and told him Patrick would pay him back! What the hell? We stayed in on Saturday night, having fun in his bedroom.

On Sunday Patrick got up at 5:30 and went to work. I went to the Brazilian squat and slept until 11. Robinson had gone to work too so Denise and I had a smoke. Karl turned up and we went to visit Pequeno, a Brazilian dancer (from the workshop). The four of us went to Camden Town. We sat by the canal smoking and Letitia turns up, wearing the smallest shorts ever, playing the tourist! She finished with Rob for good because he hit her again!!! I know she’s very flirtatious and everything but he knew that when they started going out. If he didn’t like it he should have finished the relationship, not beat her up! She kept teasing me, telling me I was stoned and then off she went. Karl, Denise and I went back to Seven Sisters, Pequeno went home.

After getting back, and much moving around from flat to flat, we ended up at the pub – Patrick, Denise, Robinson, Wagner and Felipe. Denise and Robinson decided to go and nurture their paranoia in their flat (I think they are slowly going mad) and we went to the Queen’s Head. Wagner is such a redneck, he was talking so much shit, he was advising Patrick in matters of the heart for two hours. Felipe calls him ANIMAL. He’s really really big and strong, not very clever and very naive. He talks a lot of nonsense, but has a heart of gold. What a character! To make it worse the two of them are ‘hungry’ and in the hunt for women and because Patrick was working all weekend I was the main target of their affections. They were sharpening their claws and using me as a practice target. I nearly killed Wagner at one point, but we had such a good laugh! And the sun was out all weekend!

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