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London 20/09/1990 Wednesday

London 20/09/1990 Wednesday

London 20/09/1990 Wednesday

Gustavo went back to Brazil a while ago, I think it was the 30th of August. Tomorrow night Patrick and I are going to Ireland to his nephew’s christening on Sunday. I wasn’t going but he insisted and I thought why not? We are going to Galway and I’m going to meet his whole family. I’m shitting myself. We get back on Monday and when we come back he wants to move to a proper flat. I don’t want to leave Seven Sisters, we know everyone there!

Last Friday was Pequeno’s birthday. Patrick and I dropped half an acid each and off we went. The squat he’s staying at is divine! It’s a four storey house and on the basement there’s a cafe with a counter and everything. An amazing space! What a lucky guy. Patrick and I stayed in the garden until 2am tripping. When we felt able to talk to people again Pequeno, Wagner, Karl, Felipe and another 6 people were in the basement. Pequeno played some Candomble songs and an American guy got into it and looked possessed by spirits. I was playing the drums at one point, it was magical.

We slept at 4 and woke up at 9, Patrick was very late and I would have been half hour late for work… In King’s Cross they had found a dead body on the train, and the line stopped, I waited for half hour and nothing. I got a bus and got off at the wrong stop… So I didn’t make it to Portobello Road until 11:30 and Letitia wouldn’t believe what I told her. She said I was in bed with Patrick and that’s why I was so late. She said she’d done that herself. Except I wasn’t lying and I nearly told her to fuck off and left, just because she’s irresponsible it doesn’t mean I am. But we are friends and we made up in the end.

I was going to be graded and get my first Capoeira belt this week, but it’s too expensive and I had a choice to make between paying for my batizado or my English exam in December (Cambridge First Certificate). Of course I’m paying for the exam… Also the batizado is on Sunday and I’ll be in Ireland.

I woke up with another cold today. My mum and I are going from bad to worse, we barely see each other and when we do we argue. She complains about everything. And she doesn’t want to renew my Visa in October. I’m fucked.

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