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Berlin Day Three

Berlin Day Three

Berlin Day Three

29 December 2009

Berlin Day Three

Had a lie in today, out of bed by 10:30. Coldest day so far, minus 1 and hardly any visibility. Very eerie. Got the M4 to TV Tower (Alexanderplatz). Walked down Unter Den Linden. Stopped at St. Mary’s, oldest church of medieval Berlin 1294, but nothing special to be honest.

Walked, walked and walked past historical buildings, but feeling very tired probably from standing out in the cold and a bit of a hangover. I think we walked for about 2 hours in the cold, all the way from Unter Den Linden, via Straße des 17. Juni, then up on Siegessäule (visibility was very very bad), through to Tiergarten. We stopped at a Burger King, which turned out to be the highlight of the day, both in terms of the building itself, and also for the group of teenage boys and girls who had a pile of pens on the table and were doing some pretty amazing acrobatics with them. They also did some tricks with rizla papers. Cool kids! Here’s what the place looks like:

From there we just randomly got a train west and ended up at the Olympic Stadium. I was expecting something modern, but then realised this was the stadium Hitler was in. It was so foggy I ended up taking some very eerie, blue tinted photos:

We were feeling pretty exhausted and cold by then (it was 5pm), so we got on the U2, then changed and got on the S75. We sat next to 4 German tramps, who stunk of alcohol and farted but were otherwise very well behaved.

We rested for a couple of hours and then went off to where I drank an amazing bloody Mary, which came with a massive celery stick. I also had a gorgeous pea and sausage soup, followed by a raw burger which I sent back. We were feeling very tired so we were in the room and tucked in bed by midnight. Miss watching tv though, the only English speaking channel at the hotel is CNN and is the most horrid news channel ever. They only seem to have 2 news stories on, one of them being the failed terror attack in the Detroit flight. Would be nice to be able to watch a good movie, but everything is dubbed. German is a beautiful language though, I’m enjoying trying to mimick the words.

All Day Three photos:

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