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Gran Canaria – Wednesday

Gran Canaria – Wednesday

Gran Canaria – Wednesday

17 February 2010

Gran Canaria – Wednesday


Another overcast day, but warm. We thought we’d get a bus to Taurito (the resort before ours) and try and go to the massive pool in there, but it was shut… We later found out it had been inundated with mud from the mountains on the last storm, and they were still cleaning. We stayed on the bus and went to Puerto Rico. Oh, the submarine was still out of action, due to bad weather.

Puerto Rico is where I stayed with Patrick, nearly 20 years ago, in 1991. It’s not a great resort, just too touristy. When we stayed there it cost £200 for the whole holiday, it’s cheap.

Photos from 1991:

When we went back then, one of my bags never arrived (the one with my camera in it) so those photos were taken with a cheap portable camera. The holiday rep had to give me £50 a day (back then a lot of money) as compensation for the loss of my bag, for a week. So I bought new clothes too. On the way back I was reunited with my bag at the airport. Win-win. It was then that we also hired a car and I saw the amazing mountains, and we went to Las Palmas. I think we stayed for 2 weeks that time. I never forgot Gran Canaria. Although we didn’t discover Puerto de Mogan back then.

Once again we got accosted by timeshare person, this one gave us a scratch card and amazingly I won the start prize of £500 euros, or a camera, or something else. Yes, I could smell a rat but I got curious and wanted to go and see what the con was. Jeff wasn’t up for it, so we went to play crazy gold instead, had a walk in the shopping centre and felt happy to be in a much quieter, prettier place.

We got a taxi home for 14 euros, and 5 minutes later another massive storm started. We felt a little smug, getting home just in time to watch another amazing downpour from our apt.

Photos from Wednesday:

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