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Friday, 16th of May 2008 – Brixton Murals

Friday, 16th of May 2008 – Brixton Murals

16 May 2008

Brixton Murals

Last Saturday we went around Brixton on the Brixton Mural walk, organised by Ruth, which was great fun but it was incredibly hot, hottest day of the year so far, about 27 degrees.

Brixton Mural Walk photos on Flickr
I also created a wikipedia entry for it, which is currently sandboxed while I gather content:
== History ==
After the [Brixton riot in 1981], [Lambeth Council] funded a series of murals by local artits in the area. However some of these murals are now dilapidated and there are no plans for restoration.

== List of Brixton Murals ==
Nuclear Dawn [ by Brian Barnes]

== Sources ==
[ Urban 75 Brixton Mural Walk]

== External Links ==
[ Urban 75]
[ Brixton Mural photos on Flickr]

Edit 29/03/2014 -> Here it is:

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