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London Murals

London Murals

16 March 2010

London Murals

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, it’s been a lot milder since Saturday, spring is in the air, so I woke up and came up with a little ‘poem’ (?)

Spring in the air, birds singing, life is for living!!!!

And today another one popped up in my head, inspired by your fluorescent orange shoes

Blue grass, green sky, orange fluorescent.
(You wore them to the mother’s day meal on Saturday with Jeff’s family)

A while ago, Ruth organised a ‘Brixton Murals’ walk which I went to, took some photos, and later created the Brixton Murals entry in wikipedia (I mentioned this before)

Ruth is now taking the project further, she has been doing a lot of research on the history of the murals and has asked if I wanted to be involved, so this is turning into a very interesting side project. So far I haven’t done anything much, Ruth is the driving force behind it, but it’s nice to be a part of something that will record a bit of London’s history. I’m not sure what the project will involve yet, there will be a meeting soon to discuss the best way to do this – there was mention of exhibitions 🙂

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