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IMDB: Movies, Documentaries and TV series

IMDB: Movies, Documentaries and TV series

23 March 2014

Been compiling these lists on IMDB for a few years now:

All movies I watched, and loved and hated (check ratings for the best ones):


TV Shows:

Tonight we watched what is considered to be one of TV’s best ever episodes of all time: Buffy’s ‘The Body’. I had no idea we were about to watch it, or that such episode existed. It was quite something and afterwards I started reading all about it. This episode was made about 13 years ago, but it hasn’t dated and I perhaps it never will.

You watch Buffy with us occasionally, and we watch ‘Prison Break’ with you, as you are into it right now. It’s not my thing, a bit mediocre for my taste, but you like it, so I watch it with you sometimes. I’m glad you didn’t watch this one tonight as it was perhaps a little too real for a 15 year old? You are with your dad tonight. The two of you started going climbing together.

I have also just finished watching ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ which is pure genius. We got a new TV in December and subscribed to Netflix. Hence all the watching…

Also watched the American version of ‘The Office‘, which I thought it wouldn’t be as good as the British one, but in fact, it’s much better, and runs for longer too, but keeps getting better. Netflix doesn’t have the last 2 seasons though, not yet, so I don’t know how it ends!

I’m watching ‘Damages‘ next, with Glen Close, a series I never heard about until we got Netflix, but looks very good.

Staying well away from ‘Game of Thrones‘, every single trailer I’ve seen has put me off, I hate Lord of the rings, and this reminds me of it somewhat. Actually, I hate the ‘Fantasy’ genre, ‘Golden Compass‘ stands as the exception to the rule, there are probably others šŸ˜€ . Well, Buffy is Fantasy too, but more ‘Drama’ and ‘Horror’, iyswim. Genres can get complicated. Labelling is just a guide anyway.

Honest Trailer for Game of Thrones, it has everything I don’t like, including the over the top music:

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