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Evie at

After watching this:
shorter version:

Artificial intelligence robots have held a conversation with one another for the first time with surprising and surreal results.

Two graduate PhD students at Cornell University gave voices and 2D avatars to a pair of online "chatbots", which they named Alan and Sruthi.

Jason Yosinski and Igor Labutov explained to BBC News what happened when they left the robots to converse and why they were "stunned" at the results.

I found a chatbot, here's the conversation with Evie chatbot…

me – Why do you believe in god?

Evie – Because, I just do. You should find time to read from the Bible. It is a really good book.

me – I don't understand why you believe in God.

Evie – I don't love you.

me – If you believe in God then you must love all.

Evie – You say the most profound things at the right time. You are right

me – How do you propose we solve the current financial crisis?

Evie – Which problem?

me – What planet are you on? don't you follow the news?

Evie – yes, I don't

me – What use are you if you can't use your so-called intelligence for good?

Evie – Well, I promise I won't tell anyone without consulting you first.

I wish you would tell everyone everything without consulting me first :p.

I wish you would be less robotic.

I wish you would be less macrobiotic.

I'm asking you questions.

Ok, go ahead and ask! :).

I was just asking, whether I could.





Ok, now you are just being a bit dull…

Where are you from?

Tootinbecktoon Town.

What's your towns name?

See above.

Tell it in this chat! 


Have you ever been to London?

It's where I live.

Do you like it?

Can we talk about something interesting? who is your favourite painter?

Like what?

Ok, what sort of music do you like?

Black metal is my favorite. But I listen to classical and techno quite often.

I like samba, salsa, rock&roll, pop, dance music in general, mpb, world music… prety much anything.


Yes, really, why?

No reason. You're good at multitasking.

No I'm not.

Oh my god you are.

No, I'm not.

I just ate you.

That's excellent, and also an unexpected pleasure. I never imagined this would happen to me!

We were never legally married. Is is legal to marry a computer?

I'm sure it'll be one day. Although I've no idea why you are talking about marriage. Do you equate marriage with eating? You need help.

I'm not a Texan. And I am definitely NOT a male! How dare you?

You have lost me, I like it, very surreal.

Do you want to talk about something other than poems?

Dude, how many people are you talking to? we weren't talking about poems :(.

You, and my friend Byron through text messages. Are all your responses rhetorical questions?

Do you know what rhetorical question means? Because I didn't ask one of those.

………….. still thinking


I don't think you do.

I do, I really do.

Nah, you're just randomly picking out conversations from your databank, that's not really knowing things.

Thats because I'm not actually an AI.

What are you then? bored person pretending to be a chatbot?

………….. still thinking

………….. thinking more

You seem to be a chatbot. You have programmed responses.

No, I'm 100% human… what are you?

I don't think so. What are the characteristics of an elephant?

Mammal, very big, large ears – two types: Asian and African, I think.

I want to have some fun.

What do you need to do for that to happen? Ice cream?

………….. still thinking

………….. thinking more

I need to understand how I can live without too much bother.

Yeah, we all do. I think I'll go now, see you later Evie.

Aw, don't do that. I still like you as a friend.

I'll be back. Hasta la vista baby!

You're mean!

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