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Pieris Japonica

Pieris Japonica

19 April 2014

Pieris Japonica

When we moved to our house in April 2007 we were pleasantly surprised to see this very small (80cm) but beautiful tree (it’s actually a shrub… But it can get up to 10m on rare occasions) at the back of our garden. Sadly I’m no plant connoisseur – one failing I have, and I had no idea what this tree with a lovely white blossom and then the most amazing red leaves was called.

I posted a photo of it on urban75’s suburban thread. There’s a woman there, Mrs. Magpie, who knows all about them. Our own ‘Plant Oracle’. And she told me this is Pieris Japonica, or Forest Flame.

It’s currently at the white blossom stage and it brings me joy every year since we moved here! It has also grown a lot after I removed a couple of plants that were near it. It’s about 140cm tall now and it has filled out a lot.  In Winter it just looks ordinarily green.

My photos of Pieris Japonica on flickr:

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