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BSB 07/07/1985 Sunday

BSB 07/07/1985 Sunday

BSB 07/07/1985 Sunday

It’s actually Monday and I’m in the Maths lesson. On Saturday there was a party Julhina at Caseb but I didn’t go as we had to rehearse for Dance, between 14:00 and 16:00. Sunday was great! In the morning I stayed at home, then at 13:00 I went to Renata’s and she invited me to a show in the evening. I said I’d go. All of Brasilia was going to be there.

We went to Ginasio at 17:30, bought tickets, got back home, got dressed and got in at 18:25. It was quiet. We saw Marcia who was near Marcelinho! He was with two girls, sniffing lolo (chloroform). Nenem and Giba were also nearby. Then we saw everyone from 406, they had Strawberry lolo and everyone was sniffing it. Renata, me and Marcia went away. The show didn’t start until 19:20: Plebe Rude was shite. Their sound was a mess and there was a fight. When that happened we all grabbed each other’s arms and ran away. We stayed at the back for a bit and then slowly started moving to the front again. When we bumped into the 406 people, the Plebe Rude show had just finished. Everyone was a bit crazy and when Legiao Urbana started and stayed near Alberto, dancing. Every now and then he’d stumble about and I’d hold him. He took too much lolo, but no matter how much he had he never collapsed or passed out. Legiao Urbana’s set was amazing and when it finished we all sat on the floor, because Ultrage A Rigor took about 1 hour to start.

When we were sitting down, Alberto put his head on my lap, said I was his girlfriend. But he was wasted. Some lolo went in my eye and it took half an hour for it to feel ok again. After Alberto left I tried talking to other people but they were too wasted and made no sense. Alberto got up and then fell on me, Marcia and Renata. He gave me a hug and then got up. But before he got up I had tied his shoe laces to Aline sister’s shoelaces and he had an almighty fall. I had some strawberry lolo, very nice, but very little, as I think it’s stupid to have it to feel happy. I’m much happier without it. Also the fumes in the air were enough to make everyone high. During the Ultrage show people were falling everywhere. I had to hold Mauro, as Cristiane was wasted. I also had to support Julio, William… Got home at 23:00.

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