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BSB 04/07/1985 Thursday

BSB 04/07/1985 Thursday

Mario Eugenio’s case is in its closing stages. He died last year, he used to denounce corrupt policemen in Brasilia. When he was investigating a certain ‘Death Squad’ he was killed. The case was left without a resolution but the police suddenly solved it. There were 9 people involved. The top guy organising the murder was the ex security secretary in Brasilia.

The dollar costs 6,060crz in the official market and has reached 8,000 in the black market!

In school we looked for the kitten but didn’t find it. Daniele told us she’s going out with Giba. He had arranged a fight at the end of school but did a runner. Marcelinho seemed sad and was flirting with me, to hide his love for Daniele, but I’m not consolation prize or second best!
Fabi came to my house in the afternoon for us to revise. After that we went out and I bought the Legiao Urbana LP, a rock group from Brasilia. It cost 29,000crz.

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