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People’s Assembly against Austerity March – London 21/06/2014

People’s Assembly against Austerity March – London 21/06/2014

London 21 June 2014

People’s Assembly against Austerity March
People’s Assembly Twitter Feed

There was little press coverage about this march, nothing from the BBC, I complained as have others. An estimated 50,000 people attended.

Francesca Martinez’s speech was moving and peppered with ‘Fucks’ and all the better for it. And even The Farm were there, singing All Together Now. Their parting words: ‘The tories think this song is about football’.

Russel Brand is drawing in all the coverage, which is good, I guess, but somewhat discombulating. The Guardian, The Express and Huffington Post wrote Brand centric reports. Still, better than nothing and at least he cares enough to add his support.

Logic MC (People’s Army) spoke his words, poetically and incisively, and he was the final act.

Here’s a full list of all speakers and performers who took part.

I stuck all the Logic videos I took with my phone together and published here – Logic ends his set with his version of ‘Beggin’ – it was a fitting end to the day!

Split versions, here is some a cappella rapping and then ‘Bother You’ with John McGuiver on guitar/vocals

And stand alone version of ‘Beggin’ in HD

Only took a couple of shots with my mobile, didn’t take my camera – as it’s heavy and I wanted to travel light.

UPDATE: A few more articles on the March, this one basically implying marches need to be interesting… erm, whatever.

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