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HTC One Camera Freeze Issue

HTC One Camera Freeze Issue

02 July 2014

HTC One Camera Freeze Issue

This started happening to me this morning.
1) Go to the Camera – all you see on the screen is a still, but you can still take photos, you just can’t see what you are taking photos of.
2) Video camera still works and captures live images.

I was thinking, ‘oh no, will I have to send the phone back?’ (it still is well under warranty)

A search returned the fix on its first result! And it worked. The steps are

Simple fix to this issue after calling HTC support.

Go to settings, apps, camera, clear cache. Don’t worry when warning comes up as all your pictures will still be there.

Then go back to settings, power, un-check the fast boot.

Return to home screen and restart your phone.

It will work!

And it sure did.

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