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Day Six, Grand Canyon Desert and Hermit viewpoints

Day Six, Grand Canyon Desert and Hermit viewpoints

August 7th 2014 – Day 6, Grand Canyon Desert and Hermit viewpoints

Woke up at 6:10 and went for a run, Jeff was fast asleep so I went on my own, here it is. Won’t have time to run tomorrow (unless I go in the evening, mule ride first thing), then we leave the day after, at 8 ish.

Then got in the car and drove to Desert viewpoint. There were so many beautiful things in the gift shop, expensive and big, so I just took photos of said things. Photos here. Even if I could buy them, I wouldn’t have space to put them all. It was my first drive on the hire car and I tried out the cruise control, which is quite a nice thing. Never thought I’d enjoy so much taken out of driving but it gives you a chance to look out the window more.

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At 5:30 Jeff and I took a bus to Hermit’s point. This is the only time the Grand Canyon seems busy. Long queue for bus, had to wait for three. No private vehicles can go that way… Daniel didn’t want to go so he stayed at the lodge. It feels very safe here…

The crows here are huge, almost as big as chickens!

My shins are sore today, I think because I almost ran on our way back from early eve walk, and it was very steep. Every step I take hurts a little…

We stayed up there to watch sunset, but battery on my camera ran out… The second the sun went down it got very windy and cold. Luckily a bus heading back down turned up. I found a camera on the bus, with a iPod shuffle and memory card. Handed it to the driver. Hope it finds its way back.

All of today’s photos:

Daniel was in the main lodge area, on the computer. It’s like all his friends came on holiday with him.


We had pizza again at the Pizza Pub. Nice, informal and fun atmosphere in there.

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