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Day Eleven, Hollywood

Day Eleven, Hollywood

August 12th 2014 – Day 11, Hollywood

Jeff drove us up to Hollywood at around 10:30, after we had breakfast. We used the sat nav which directed us up a closed road – when we saw the sign we decided to go up the windy, uphill and narrow road anyway…

Other people had the same idea and we found a spot in which to park, nearby there were two people with lots of fruit and drink set up on their garage, I assume to sell to tourists, there were no signs. They were just sat there. We took some photos by the car, Jeff wandered off, further up the hill, and came back telling us to come. He had found the entrance to the trek he had planned on going on, with a good view of not only the Hollywood sign, but also of LA. There were about 10 other people in there. So we took photos and stayed there for about 20 minutes. It was so hot and bright, I had left my sunglasses in the car and Daniel still hasn’t decided which sunglasses he wants (well, he has, some designer ones that cost a fortune), or bought any.

So we drove down, thinking you’d have to have a goat spirit and a good car to live in those hills. Before we knew it we were driving past the ‘Walk of Fame’ so we decided to stop for a bit. We parked the car for $20 (until midnight) and wandered the length of the street, stopped for a drink of coke and coffee where we were given these half litre coke bottles. Not seen one before. We walked back to the car on the other side of the pavement and then drove around Beverly Hills for a bit. Beautiful tree lined streets, not always palm trees, eerily deserted. Also I never knew its beginnings were so racist, and all white community, also no Jews allowed when first started in early 1900s.

On the drive back I was falling asleep, I guess nearly two hours in a car was too much today. Also I’m a bit itchy in certain on my chest and back, I suspect I will be peeling soon.

We got back at around 3, Jeff and I went down the beach to sunbathe, but it was so windy, we were being attacked by the sand, we soon left. We walked under the pier, which was cool. Once you got near the sea it’s wasn’t windy, but the sand was wet. We had a drink and got back by 7. Then we had dinner at True Food Kitchen, picked by Jeff. Apparently one of the best in LA, for food and value for money. We sat by the bar, as there were no tables, and were entertained by the barman. Daniel enjoyed it a lot and took photos of his food and also of the smashed dish one of the waiters dropped. It was a huge bowl full of vegetables. A couple of fragments hit my foot, but didn’t get cut.

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