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Day Sixteen, Muir Woods/Lombard Street drive

Day Sixteen, Muir Woods/Lombard Street drive

August 17th 2014 – Day 16, Muir Woods/Lombard Street drive

After a nice home breakfast prepared by Proma and Ankush, we drove to a car park to get bus to Muir Woods, over Golden Gate, once we got there, we did a lot of walking, and saw amazing trees!!!! Also a lot of cars illegally parked along narrow road, as the car park near the woods is small, and fills up very early. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes and costs $5 for over 16s. Entry to Muir Woods is $7, also for over 16s, free otherwise.

Walk on Runkeeper

Muir Woods Photos:

On the way back: Lombard Street, I was driving 😮 up then down. There was a massive queue, so going up was mostly stop and start. Which was fine in the end. But then we went up another, steeper street, and the hire car really almost didn’t make it, even though I was on L. There were five people, plus the car doesn’t seem to have a lot of umph up hills even on motorways, let alone on these seriously inclined streets of San Francisco.

Lombard Street Photos:

Mobile phone photos

Went for dinner at Brazilian churrascaria: – we ate so much we can’t move right now. We are watching Silicon Valley. Got up to episode three then bed called. Nearly midnight.

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