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Day Nineteen, Golden Gate Bridge

Day Nineteen, Golden Gate Bridge

August 20th 2014 – Day 19, Golden Gate Bridge

Rachel Jael, the percussionist and film maker we saw in Venice is in San Francisco. Daniel followed her on Instagram and yesterday she posted a photo of Golden Gate bridge…

Then this morning Daniel went for a wander on his own nearby, while Jeff and I went for our own wander to buy some bits and bobs, also nearby. When we met again Daniel said he had bumped into her!!! She was setting up to perform on the street, he said hi and they had a chat.

We were all a bit grumpy and homesick today, so our afternoon trip to Golden Gate Bridge was a chore rather than a pleasure. Compared to yesterday today was a bit, well, pants. I couldn’t even be bothered to take my camera with me today, tired of carrying a heavy bag all the time. So all the photos were taken with my phone. Also we had to walk for AGES to find a bus stop, everything seemed difficult today. Holiday blues.

We walked on the bridge until the first tower, but the traffic noise was unpleasant and it was windy and cold, so we turned back. We had already decided not to walk the full 2 miles anyway. We walked around the Presidio a bit, looking for a cafe, by the time we had found one it had closed, as it was just after 5pm. San Francisco must have the highest number of coffee shops per capita in the world.

We were exhausted on the way back from Golden Gate bridge, so we laid down for a little while in our room then went for dinner around here, at Pomodoro Gourmet Pizzas. The service was jokes, first they brought my dinner, ravioli, but no sign of our drinks. Eventually I asked where they were, there was some debate between them… Then Jeff’s and Dan’s pizzas arrived and FINALLY our drinks. They had Guinness, not the watered down stuff either, so that was good. Anyway, the food was cheap.

Today’s mobile phone photos.

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