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London 10/12/1989 Sunday

London 10/12/1989 Sunday


Yesterday afternoon my mother and I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and Ivo (one of the managers) told me to go to a job centre and get a form so he could fill it in and I could have my National Insurance Number. I think this means I have a job?

After that we went to watch the debate between Lula and Collor. There were 60 people there and Lula was great! Collor is very populist and only fools will fall for that. I do want Lula to win, but maybe it’s better if he loses because he’ll be handed over a hell of a mess! He won’t be able to achieve much in one term and will damage PT’s image, just as it’s starting to grow.

After the debate me, my mum, Carmen, Ze Indio, Lilian and Claudio went to the pub to talk. My mum and Carmen left and we stayed behind. I was the ‘brat’. We went to Lilian and Claudio’s to talk some more. We talked about: Cocaine, murders, weed, drug trafficking, Brasilia, Rio…. Lilian lived in Brasilia and studied in Caseb! More than 10 years ago. Left at 11:30, didn’t want to miss the last train.

I called Alexandra today, she thought I was in Brasilia because the line was so clear! Not sure we can be friends anymore, she’s voting for Collor!!!

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