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London 14/12/1989 Thursday

London 14/12/1989 Thursday


Got a letter from Lu on Tuesday and since then I’ve been writing to friends. To Lu alone I have written 6 pages, on both sides. I told her everything that has been happening.

Job news: I got the NI on Monday and went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, to talk with Ivo. He said that NI isn’t enough, I also need a letter saying I can work. If I have the NI this means I can work, I had to show them my Green Card! But he said anyone can get it and registered me as Portuguese (like Debora). Something isn’t right. But I’ll keep trying, I’ll get the letter and will be registered properly, as Brazilian (on the next job). He said I could only start work once I had a bank account in my name. So I went to the same bank my mum has an account and opened one, they said it would take a week before I could use it. Went back and told Ivo that, he said to go back and ask for a Deposit account. I did that, and they said 3 days and that my mum had to sign some papers, as she’s the reference. Went back to Kentucky Fried Chicken (vai e volta!) and Ivo said for me to go back when the account was ready and I could start working, although he didn’t expect it would take so long. Got on the tube, met my mum and went to the bank for her to sign the reference. Went back, my mum went to college and I went to Carmen’s to wish her a happy birthday.

Ivo said I’d work as a cashier, 8 hours a day, 6 days a week earning £100 a week. Heavy workload. My mum and Carmen said I shouldn’t be working 8 hours! But if I only do 6 hours I only get £72 per week, not a lot! But until today there’s been no letter from the bank. Post is rubbish during Christmas period and I’m worried I’ll lose this job. Crap!

On Tuesday David came here but I was cold, in the last few days I’ve felt disenchanted towards him. Since the party I think. He complained and I warmed up a little and talked to him properly. He left and said he’d be back tomorrow at noon. So, yesterday, at 11:30 I left with my mum to pick some photos up and didn’t come back until 2. This morning I was having a bath, and someone knocked on the door, Marcos opened the door and said I wasn’t in. I could hear from the bathroom. I wasn’t about to come out in my towel to say I was in, was I? I don’t think I like him. It’s just physical attraction… Would like to talk more, and even what we talked, the only thing that seems to be in his head is sperm, nothing else. No consistency. Like Collor really, looks ok on the outside but empty inside. Sex isnt’ enough.

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