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London 18/12/1989 Monday

London 18/12/1989 Monday

London 18/12/1989 Monday

Got up very early yesterday at 8:00 and went to the Brazilian consulate to justify my non-vote and to meet the girls. Got there at 10 but no one turned up until 12. I spent two hours cutting some little saints to put on the urns and chatted with a girl who was promoting the 1st Reveillon Brazil. Angela and Maira arrived at noon. Zu, the one who phoned and arranged our meet up, was ill and was coming much later, so the three of us went out for some lunch. For the last 3 days it keeps raining every 10 minutes, it’s a pain in the arse.

Angela went home, so the two of us went back to the consulate and Zu was there. We went to the Natural History Museum. I need to go back at least another five times, it’s immense! Afterwards we went to see the Christmas Lights on Regent’s Street. We then went back to the consulate to see the results of the voting. In the UK Lula got 75% of the vote, with 576 votes vs 155 votes for Collor. Except today on the TV they are saying Collor is likely to be the new president. How is it possible? They were level! SHIT! Collor is going to win, what a catastrophe!!!

I gave up on the Kentucky job they pay is rubbish and they are messing me around. I found out that really all I need is the NI, having that means I can work here!!! If I work as a cleaner I can get twice as much per hour! Not killing myself for 8 hours a day to earn so little. I will stay calm and keep on looking.

David came here today and he thought I was seeing someone else because of how I treated him. He said he had the flu and was ill for a few days, he did lose weight! At first I was cold to him but he broke the ice. I’m sure I don’t like him but he’s so insistent, I can’t resist when he asks for a kiss. And then we had sex. It was great! I won’t keep on questioning if I like him or not.

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